Youth Ambassadors

curaJOY invites youth to bring their valuable perspectives into solving their generation’s biggest challenges and work with us to solve issues like racism, bullying, gender dysphoria and learning differences.  Youth Ambassadors–curaJOY’s youngest Joymakers–are at the forefront of social impact, education and behavioral health, representing struggling or under-represented youth to level the playing field so that everyone has the emotional strength to go as far as they want to go in life. 

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Everything looks easy on Youtube and Pinterest (or vicariously, in general), but watching and learning about something is hugely different from doing. Having seasoned and dedicated coaches who can help guide you through best practices unleashes your maximum potential.  That’s why curaJOY offers 🌟invaluable🌟 opportunities for high school and college students to gain hands-on experience and enhance their academic education 💻.  Joining curaJOY bridges the gap between academia and the professional world, comprehend how concepts and theories translate into real work settings🏭🚀–It helps set you apart! 

You’ll earn community service hours, and recommendation letters and receive premium software like Grammarly Premium, Canva Pro, Pixton comic maker, Adobe, Github and much more.

1. Apply to Join

Our Youth Ambassador is a structured program that allows the next generation of leaders ages 12 to 25 years old to hone communication and advocacy skills, gain real-world work skills and participate in the development of social emotional skill building programs at curaJOY.

2. Bring Your Class or Club

curaJOY has worked with several corporate volunteering teams from the biggest names in tech and retail. If you want to introduce no diversity, equity, inclusion, mental health, VR or social emotional learning initiatives to your school or local organizations, get in touch to see how we can help.

3. Attend Workshops

We host in-person workshops on topics like suicide prevention, AI conversational design, bullying, career development, grief and many more throughout Southern California and via Zoom. Sign up to get notified of upcoming events.