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Our emotional wellness influences every aspect of our lives.  It also affects our families, friends, communities, and employers.  Behavioral and mental health is connected to educational outcomes, productivity, crime and life expectancy.  Building their own and each others’ emotional wellness is in everyone’s COMMON INTEREST.

We believe that people should have say in the usage and direction of their care and cutting-edge technology–not just huge tech companies and government entities.

To significantly improve people’s emotional wellness, the program needs to collaborate with multiple stakeholders in the current education, healthcare and other community organizations.  The scale of collaboration required is best and most easily undertaken by a nonprofit.

Families’ emotional wellness is a mission that needs to be long-lasting, and this mission is too important and wide-ranging to be driven by business interests.  These are some of the reasons why curaJOY operates as a nonprofit.  When founding curaJOY, I wanted to prevent even myself from “cashing out” or make program decisions based on anything other than how they help families.  My personal goal is to use curaJOY as a vehicle for innovation to equitably share opportunities, acknowledgement and gains to our contributors. 

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