the day I overcame my fear

As I was walking through DisneyLand we spotted the incredicoster. The incredicoaster is a roller coaster based on the movie “the incredibles” the roller coaster is pretty high up in the air and also its very fast! towards the end of the ride there is a loopy loop the ride looks pretty scary from a distance.My family and my cousins decided that we should go on the ride.My whole family is ok with roller coasters and they don’t get to scared of them but me being a 10 year old in 2019 I found it pretty scary just by looking at it.But then something happened it was like my conscience was telling me something.As it felt like a whisper “you can do it don’t let the look of the ride fool ya be brave and who knows what if this was the best rides you have been on your entire life? give it a try come on”After that message sorta came into my head I decided.Mom dad I will give the roller coaster a try “ok sweetie.” my dad said. “lets go wait in the line”so as we waited in the line for about 20 minutes I started getting worried “what if I throw up? what If I faint? what if the ride stops all of a sudden and I get stuck on there?” when the waiting was over and we were the next people on my dad said “say cheese” and I didn’t want to look worried so I heart was beating so fast I thought it was going to come out of my body.but I just got onto the ride.when we sat in the ride a voice said “ok ready three…two….one goooo!!!” and I was like “hey that’s dash from the movie (in my head)” so off we took we went up the hill and down my whole body felt light and my head. I was praying please please and then listing all the reasons like I don’t want to throw up or I don’t want to get stuck on the ride.the next part of the ride was the loop die loop I actually thought the loop die loop was really fun and didn’t really feel any different.After the ride was over I felt different like something had changed. I thought in my head “I think my fear of roller coasters has changed!” then I walked out of the ride all happy and so relieved. “Thank you for the best day so far mom and dad.”


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    It is good you overcame your fear, rollercoasters are AWESOME.

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