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A family wellness hub that builds everyone’s social-emotional skills. Tap into your potential and optimize your life through clinician-created content, personalized coaching, fun games, real-world projects, and rewards.

★★★★★ Made for kids, parents, schools, and behavioral health providers

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A First of Its Kind Platform

curaJOY’s emotional wellness coaching offers 24/7 personalized social-emotional support powered by AI integrated with licensed professionals through engaging conversations and fun games.
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Track symptoms, behaviors and moods
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Establish positive habits and life skills
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Receive personal insights and grow as a family
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Earn real-world rewards for progress and share memories
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Psychoeducational Assessments Made Fun

Expertly crafted quests develop essential life skills, resilience, and emotional intelligence. Learn to navigate challenges while having fun in a safe and secure environment.

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Strengthening Family Bonds

MyCuraJOY family wellness hub is for the whole family, not just kids! Our platform encourages family participation, strengthening bonds through open communication, shared challenges, celebrations, and memories.

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Science-Backed and Expert-Approved

Evidence-based treatments and activities developed with licensed behavioral health providers equip children and families with tools and solutions to thrive. Our proprietary machine-learning algorithm has proven as accurate as clinical decision-making as Ph.D.-level behavior health clinicians.

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Easy-to-Use, Anytime, Anywhere

Accessible on all devices via chat on popular messaging channels, embark on quests and track progress conveniently, whenever and wherever.

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