Family Wellness Hub

The Most Comprehensive, Proactive Solution for Building Lifelong Social-Emotional Skills and Whole-Person Wellness

  • Real self-care
  • Better relationships
  • Improve social skills and self-esteem
  • Real-time mental health, parenting and emotional support
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Families who grow together STAY together.

Through the MyCuraJOY Family Wellness Hub, families improve their social and emotional wellness health using a strengths-based, growth mindset–where self-improvement is fun and sustainable. Our unique integration of digital and real-world projects and rewards ensure the social emotional and life skills learned translate into lasting transformations.

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Even the best providers are limited by location, therapeutic modalities, background and biases, and time. Sometimes, it may even seem like therapists take sides in family therapy/group counseling.

MyCuraJOY coaches represent our team of seasoned professionals rolled up into a single “person” that matches your language, culture and identity. They embody the combined knowledge of licensed educators and healthcare providers trained in psychology, behavior, trauma, and social-emotional learning, incorporating leading universities’ latest research on performance and wellness. Powered by curaJOY’s AI and continuously monitored by our human experts, they analyze all your wellness data to help where you need it most. MyCuraJOY coaches can’t replace a real one, but they have some superpowers!

Caring for the Whole You

Unlock self-knowledge with every assessment activity and check in on MyCuraJOY–unearth anything that holds you back from becoming who you want to be. MyCuraJOY identifies symptoms and root causes of perfectionism, depression, anxiety, underdeveloped “people” or “soft” skills, trauma, peer problems, suicidal thoughts, and other roadblocks.

Your mood, body and behaviors are all intertwined, and improving one improves them all. MyCuraJOY helps connect the dots and find patterns. More check-ins mean better insight so you can compare past and present and move confidently into the future.

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Real Help, Created By You (and a team of psychologists, behavior therapists and educators)

Your coach can provide standalone support or supplement your existing care team. They are your #1 fans–someone dependable who’s there for you 24/7–during a 2am panic attack or heated argument–through our app and via texts, social media, and email.

Your coach checks in, chats, offers insights, suggests activities, and helps you stay on track with your relationships and goals. MyCuraJOY coaches even help you with difficult conversations in group chats and teach your support network how to support you best!

p.s. We made this product for ourselves as well as you. Privacy is one of our top concerns, so users can control who sees their conversation history.

Power in Seeing

Progress often happens when people feel discouraged or frustrated on their growth journey when they’ve actually come a very long way since they started.
That’s why MyCuraJOY is there–as a non-biased, trained pair of eyes. We use the same tests as medical professionals to discover barriers to resilience, strong relationships, and happiness.