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MyCuraJOY is a community-driven family wellness hub designed for and built by you, other kids, parents and our team of healthcare professionals and educators. curaJOY believes the combination of proven healthcare practices, social-emotional learning, AI, machine learning, and animation can help alleviate the critical behavioral health workforce shortage, equalize social determinants of health, remediate human flaws (like impatience and implicit), and build a better future and better humanity for us all.

You don’t have to have a Ph.D. or a big title to contribute to our AI-driven and clinician-supervised solution. Engineers at tech companies and doctors might not know the issues that are most pressing to you. This is your chance to build something life-changing. Changes can start small, and curaJOY volunteers to be your champion, compounding all the voices that are usually left unheard. Together, we can take a stand on the future of technology.

  1. Upload books, articles, curriculums or activities that have helped your wellness (with copyright and proper acknowledgment).
  2. Advise on challenges you’ve overcome. What steps should be taken? What do you wish someone had done for you?
  3. Humanize the AI coach with interesting topics and knowledge you care about. (It doesn’t matter whether this is quantum physics or Avatar the Last Airbender. If you want to talk about it, we want to know….especially if you wished your friend/parent/spouse had more patience for it.)
curaJOY’s Community AI

curaJOY’s Community AI

Please upload any content that you believe MyCuraJOY’s AI coach should know. This could be therapeutic modalities, curriculums, workbooks, conversation history, or even interesting topics that want to talk to someone about. Your contributions will help improve MyCuraJOY’s humanness and ability to provide valuable mental healthcare support to our users.


If you want to submit a Q&A, put the question or topic here. An example input for this field is: What to do when students express stress over academic performance.

Maximum file size: 50MB

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If you’re writing a Q&A, then this would be where you define how the AI coach should behave and say.