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Lava Pits and Siren’s Calls

With your quests, you’ve been guided by the best-proven success and productivity principles and set out to achieve something important to you.  What you’ve already done deserves respect for the courage it took.  But if you go off-track once in a while. That’s completely normal–You’re human.  At these times, remember that all happy and successful people have goals and challenges. You are committed to making it all happen for yourself.  

Share your journey with us! Questers are encouraged to post updates to our community and/or to their allies. coachs, fellow questers and your allies and benefactors offer insightful perspectives, too.  Don’t abandon your quest just because you’ve some bumps along the way. You may be closer than you think. Review your progress to keep yourself motivated and allow small victories to propel you forward to the future you deserve.

If you’re progressing slower than you expect, make sure you’re checking in our your quests and wellness at least once a day in order for MyCuraJOY to help identify your bottlenecks. Instead of allowing setbacks to derail you, observe them neutrally.  You might need to tweak your Helpful Actions. 

Your Helpful Action Is Not Set in Stone

Having to update your Helpful Action(s) doesn’t mean that it wasn’t good, but you’ve gained more insights to further improve your plan. Even the best plans are just plans.  Neither your quests or helpful actions are set in stone. Confucius said, “When it is obvious that the goals cannot be reached, don’t adjust the goals, adjust the action steps.” The ability to adapt and problem-solve is a sign of growth and wisdom.

Are You Putting Yourself in Lava Pits?

As if life isn’t complicated enough already, human beings are very skilled at constructing obstacles for themselves. If you’re stalling, making excuses rather than doing what you set out as your Helpful Action(s), it’s time to start writing down your internal dialogue. Often, this will manifest as, “But I…” or “I never….”  These lava pits of “buts” and “nevers” are imaginary ideas that limit you to your past experience, stop progress, and have no value other than uncovering your hidden fears. Whenever you catch the gnawing negative self-talk and doubts creeping up, counter-strike it with an equal dose of positive affirmations. You can do so in an old-fashioned journal or add it as a note when you’re checking in on your Heart Tree. 

Do you have a harsh inner critic?  Do you badmouth or doom yourself in ways that you won’t allow others to treat you?  Your thoughts are powerful.  Choose to live with positive and compassionate thoughts that help you reach for your heart’s deepest desires.

Siren’s Calls – Avoid Temptation

One way to get around temptation is to avoid situations that trigger your “point of no return.”  Say you’re trying to lose weight so you can fit into your favorite outfit for an event, but there are certain foods that are just difficult to portion control for you.  (For me, it’s rice pudding, so I never buy the big family-size tubs because I know it’s my trigger.  It just takes that first scoop of rice pudding, and before I know it, the whole tub will be gone in one day.)  Instead of fighting an uphill battle, set yourself up for success by completely avoiding that trigger. 

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