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Quest Check In – Updating Your Progress

Questers must Check In on their quest with a picture at least once a week.    Their updates determine their quest performance scores, and systems are in place to flag false submissions.  curaJOY users email, text, and push notifications to remind users who forget to update and make it easy for users to update via our website, text, and chat. Regular progress tracking keeps quests on the top of minds and retains the support of allies, making them feel involved.

Your curaJOY coach would be able to help you complete a Quest Check In too.

They’re given a 2-day grace period to update their progress. For example, if Johnny was supposed to practice the piano for 45 minutes on Monday, but forgot to do this Quest Check In, curaJOY will remind him to check in Johnny has until the end of Wednesday to let curaJOY know whether he completed his Helpful Action(s) on Monday before it is marked as a No.

Users see their progress graphically represented on their dashboard.  See the screenshot below.

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