Change Lives.

Become a Joymaker.

curaJOY is a unique nonprofit aiming to improve emotional wellness for our generation and generations to come through innovation and accountability. We value both subject matter expertise and lived experiences. If you are passionate about helping people feel better, responsible technology and equality, then we want you! No matter your age, race, geography, race, gender, wealth.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion are not buzzwords for us. We live them and make strides with how we work and lead by example.

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By volunteering with curaJOY, you’re not simply joining a cause for contribution. You’re joining a movement. A movement that will give you the opportunity to collaborate with talent from around the world. A movement that will not only serve to elevate families’ emotional wellness but a movement that will elevate your life’s journey. Our volunteer program is aimed at fostering social-emotional wellness in individuals while actively contributing to solutions for the mental health crisis. Volunteers will engage in a multifaceted approach with experienced industry professionals, corporate sponsors and our team, combining self-improvement, collaboration, and community impact.

With curaJOY, your skills will be leveraged and enhanced. We foster a collaborative environment that empowers you to share your perspective along with your expertise to help create a more balanced and inclusive society. In helping build up families, we will help you build a unique foundation that will support your short-term and long-term endeavors, personal and/or professional.

The You Behind curaJOY

Joymaker: Wellness Starts With Me


Social Media Content Creation:

  • Be a positive influence on social media to combat false information by responding to mental health, substance abuse posts with valid behavioral health support content from curaJOY’s clinicians
  • Create content weekly (i.e. blog, social media post, reels) to share on curaJOY’s social media platforms for the purpose of de-stigmatizing mental health and promoting in-person connections.
  • Encourage the creation of engaging and informative content related to mental health, self-improvement, and the program’s activities.

Social-Emotional Learning Sessions:

  • Facilitate regular social-emotional learning sessions, covering topics such as mindfulness, emotional intelligence, and stress management.
  • Provide training on social-emotional learning techniques and content creation for social media and curaJOY’s AI.
  • Encourage participants to share, record and film personal experiences and insights, fostering a supportive community and an increased sense of purpose.


  • Collaboratively identify and approach other organizations, including clubs, schools and places of gathering, to promote the use of curaJOY’s free emotional wellness coaching app, inclusiveness and mental health awareness.
  • Establish a mentorship system where experienced volunteers guide newcomers, fostering a sense of community and support.
  • Implement regular feedback mechanisms to evaluate the effectiveness of the program and gather suggestions for improvement.
  • Recognize and celebrate individual and team achievements on social media, news outlets and schools.
  • Provide certificates or tokens of appreciation to recognize milestones and commitment, and award stipends to outstanding contributors.
  • Regularly assess the program’s impact through surveys, interviews, and data analysis. Adapt the program based on feedback and changing needs.

Speech Therapists

Social Workers


School Psychologists

AI Visionaries

Machine Learning Scientists

Cloud Architects

Scrum Masters

User Experience and Interaction Designers

Family Therapists

Software Developers

3D Animators, Illustrators


As a curaJOY volunteer, we happily offer you the tools and resources to be successful for the duration of your time spent with us and exposure that is engaging and enriching, such as:

  • Professional Development (i.e., classes on branding, counseling, project management)
  • Opportunities to participate in tech competitions and work with leading tech companies,
  • The latest technologies that you may not be typically be given access to such as AWS services, Microsoft Azure, Open AI, premium productivity tools, video, marketing software, Grammarly, Microsoft 365, etc.