curaJOY Recognized By CTIA As 2022 Catalyst Finalist For Innovative Use Of AI

Emotional wellness and mental health app curaJOY has announced that it has been recognized by CTIA Wireless Foundation as one of six 2022 Catalyst finalists.

The developer of MyCuraJOY, a digital platform that helps parents and children build emotional wellness, curaJOY, is among the few social enterprises to be nominated for a coveted national grant. Its recent recognition for the innovative use of leading-edge wireless in addressing mental health issues has positioned curaJOY as a leading social changemaker.

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Despite only being in its first year of operation, curaJOY has garnered widespread attention for its inventive, interdisciplinary approach. Its latest achievement – the nomination for the CTIA Catalyst prize – acknowledges the organization’s use of cutting-edge AI, Metaverse, and AR technologies to promote emotional and intellectual growth.

As the first non-profit to experiment with Metaverse and develop transformative programs in English, Spanish, and Mandarin, the organization has already received donations from Google, Microsoft, and Slack – leading technology companies that recognized the value of curaJOY’s service. Winning the CTIA grant would allow the organization to continue enhancing its educational programs, helping families improve their emotional wellness and mental health.

A spokesperson for the company, Caitlyn Wang, said, “curaJOY is honored and encouraged to be recognized by CTIA as a 2022 Catalyst finalist for the innovative use of leading-edge wireless to address the most pressing issue affecting the US. curaJOY makes social impact strides in not only its program but in its management and organization structure from the ground up.”

curaJOY is part of a pioneering wave of innovators who are using today’s leading technologies, including the Metaverse, IoT, artificial intelligence, and augmented reality, to transform education and advance public health. Studies have shown that children who take part in social emotional learning programs often experience notable improvement in areas like problem-solving and emotional intelligence.

The MyCuraJOY program has been created in response to the recent pandemic which has had a profound impact on the mental health of both parents and children. curaJOY’s mission is to provide personalized emotional wellness support to all families. Using a science-backed approach, which includes educators, psychologists, and the use of the latest technologies, the company developed an AI-powered learning software that builds resistance, confidence, empathy, and communication skills.

About curaJOY

Founded with the goal of overcoming mental health stigma, the non-profit reframes the purpose and benefits of social-emotional learning to appeal to universally accepted values such as personal growth and success. The organization comprises a diverse team of youth, mothers, minorities, and other typically excluded voices.

As the final stages of the CTIA grant wrap up, curaJOY continues to innovate its mental health and emotional wellness programs.

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