Behavioral Health Equity

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Almost 1 billion people suffer from mental disorders worldwide.

Behavioral healthcare provides crucial care for people with social or mental health needs, including psychotherapy and support services for learning disabilities, substance abuse, and autism.


Mental disorders are projected to cost the global economy $6 Trillion.


Only 10% of people from low-income countries who suffer from emotional or behavioral distress from low-income countries receive care.

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Developing Regions and Countries

Low and Medium-Income Countries or even rural areas in developed countries do not have behavioral healthcare infrastructures that adequately support diagnosis and treatments beyond medication. These two factors combine to create a dangerous trend thwarting development in those populations’ social and mental health and basic educational opportunities, thus perpetuating low social determinants of health and distressing those countries’ economic growth prospects. Concrete and realistic efforts must be taken to secure underprivileged communities‘ behavioral health as the foundation from which all other economic development or public health initiatives stand–because without it, any efforts in crime reduction, substance abuse treatment, education, vocational training, or disease prevention cannot thrive.

curaJOY develops AI-supported software to deliver evidence-based best practices from multiple psychoeducational methodologies to jumpstart local behavioral health ecosystems.

curaJOY builds upon proven therapeutic techniques, latest research findings and social-emotional learning curricula. We stand out in responsibly using AI with the gaming and healthcare industries to deliver immediate relief to people suffering from behavioral or emotional distress and progressively influence communities’ perception of social and mental health services, easing the adoption of necessary supporting local policy changes and development of behavioral health ecosystems.

We package our solutions in the form of games and chats for the general public to democratize essential behavioral health support rather than gatekeeping through healthcare agencies. Recognizing that the prerequisite of sustained behavior change is continued engagement, our instructional content is chunked into digestible conversations throughout the day, supporting families 24/7. We re-frame the purpose and benefits of social and mental healthcare to universally accepted values like success and growth and adapt to local populations’ preferred program delivery methods for diverse communities.

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